What started as a little idea one night whilst feeling homesick has traveled around the globe, then all the way back to a tiny home in the mountains of Northern Italy. Christmas in Italy has started with Christmas cards arriving from all over the world.

Our poor  ‘Postino’ has been confused, entertained and laughing all at once. We met him on the road last week and he stopped us personally to hand over the latest bundle of Christmas cards.

We had to tell him the story and you can see by his beaming face that he didn’t mind all the extra trips up to our house.

Some of you sent little ornaments for the tree, one a letter sent for the first time, another sent us photos of her own family, a child’s drawing, a beautiful print of Venice which I’m going to frame, hand made ornaments, all contained a wealth of love and Christmas wishes.

Thank you all really from my heart, I have you all here with us for a White Christmas. Now I have the beginning of my Italian Christmas card collection to bring out each year, so you’ll be a part of our family for years to come.

This year has been the most low key Christmas I’ve ever had  and I am feeling so peaceful and happy. It’s the 20th of December and as yet we have bought no presents, but we have felt the spirit of Christmas here in our valley.

A gentle Christmas, with carols sung in French by children in santa hats, powdered white snow on the mountains, a little bag of home made biscuits sent from our neighbor, ornaments made by our children on the tree, no hype, no bustle, no worry that I’ve forgotten someone…..just the warmth of our little family, loved ones far away, old friends and new, and the valley embracing us all.

So if I can send you a gift for Christmas I’ll send the Gift of Time, and hope you can take a moment to relax and really feel the spirit of Christmas.

Then be sure to pass it on……
Merry Christmas and Buon Natale
may all your dreams come true whatever they may be