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Renée Wright

Hi Everyone! I am Renée, my husband Tony and I Iive near Pontremoli in the Lunigiana region of Tuscany.

We are South Africans who moved here permanently ten years ago.

No, we didn't know anyone here nor do we have any Italian heritage, and yes again, we did not speak a word of Italian!

That's what loving Italy does to you - you just jump!!!

Thank you Lisa and Sam for creating this special place where we can chat and share.

It wasn't a soft landing, but we have found a very firm footing indeed.

We are proud to say that we have established a home renovation/construction business called Lunigiana Renovations here from scratch after doing our own the hard way.

Today we offer a turnkey service from finding to handing over the house ready for rentals which we also manage.

We have found it necessary to be very flexible as we had no one to lean on, but it has served us well as we can advise others based on our very own mistakes over a wide range of issues.

We honour the specialised trades of everyone that we work with, but we act as a central referral point, understanding things from the inside out.

I even translate on building sites where our building teams are not engaged - somehow when the message has spread that I understand a building site, other builders did not mind that their "competition" is on site, greasing the wheels for a smooth running project.

Crafting out a simple but beautiful life here in Italy has been very hard at times, but being fully integrated members of the community socially and professionally are beyond wonderful.

We love it here - warts and all! We feel very fortunate.

** Sadly our chat with Renee Wright was cut a little short due to internet problems (we hope to catch up again at a later date).


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