Our Life Redesign has been put on hold.

It’s been an intentionally restful entry to the year so far.

My husband Sam is slowly recovering from Myocarditis which we found out was bought on by Ross River fever. This turned my vibrant hard working man into a bedridden worried patient. All of a sudden life became complicated, life became important and thoughts of Italy were put on hold. In fact everything was put on hold, nothing else matters when someone you love is sick.

Every dream we’ve held dear for so long and worked towards since forever could slip through our fingers. We are waiting on further tests, thus far things look good and I have no doubt we’ll make it to the plane on time.

Change means saying goodbye and trusting that we’re heading in the right direction no matter what. It means letting go of so many things, people, places and starting over literally with what we can fit in a few suitcases. So we walk out of our life to date in thirty eight days, the comfortable habits and certainty that comes with staying in one place. We choose something new, something unknown, challenging and aligned with who we know ourselves to be.

A Life Redesign is scary!

It’s exactly what we know, what we thrive on and the life we love. So over the next few weeks I may not be able to post on a regular basis, everywhere I look I find something that still needs to be done. Time is rushing by and with Sam still recovering I need to step up to the challenge, so stay tuned we are on the move!

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