Firstly Happy New Year I really missed everyone and hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

It seems like aeons since our little family were counting in the New Year with friends in Melbourne.  Just days into the new year and Sam my husband wasn’t well. He’d felt this way just before Christmas and called an Ambulance but not gone to hospital.

I must admit I thought he was  being overly dramatic, I’m a ‘soldier on’ type and whilst he had a multitude of symptoms nothing seemed to make sense.

Extreme fatigue, aching shoulders and neck, slight tightness in the chest, and he kept clenching his hands, upset stomach and he thought it could be the result of his tablets so he stopped taking them.

No clutching the heart and dropping to the floor like they show in the movies.

Long story short (mainly because I’m wrecked and have a flu) he ended up in hospital and they at first told us he’d had a mild heart attack but after lots of tests turns out he has Myocarditis  which is an inflammation of the middle layer of the heart wall. Not good, he needs lots of rest and his GP has given him some information and  along with our friend ‘google’ we are getting up to speed on this newest development.

Today is now Friday and he just went off in the ambulance again. I don’t know to where and now wait for a call or message. It’s worrying, but we are determined to sort this out and get him better. We have fifty three days till we leave Australia.

So you will have to forgive me for my absence online, the home stretch seems to be getting longer the faster I run. I’d love to write something profound or thoughtful but right now I’m in overwhelm, shut-down, need a good cry or a glass of wine! Perhaps both.

I’ll endeavor to keep you up to date with our adventures, touch wood nothing else dramatic comes our way.

We are longing to ‘sink into the quiet where our hearts are free to wander’

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