‘Do one thing every day that scares you’

~ Eleanor Roosevelt

We are moving to Italy.

At last the Italian Dream is coming true.

This is the post I have waited to write yet funnily enough it is the hardest one to complete. I have sat on this news for a few weeks both excited yet incredibly flat. And you know what, as my friend Diana Baur would say…I am letting myself be at peace with that.

We have at last booked our tickets, all our struggles now have an end date. We are now able to work backwards from the future, which is an idea I love. So within the next six months we will have our Italian dream, we will finish the renovation of the units, sell everything, pack away my treasures, finalize the kids school, and say goodbye.

We fly out in March to our Italian Dream via a two week stopover in Bangkok. Everything is booked so we have no option other than to be ready to go. This year we will be spending our last Aussie Christmas in Melbourne with my family which we haven’t done for many years.  Our kids hardly know my side of the family, or our traditions. I can’t wait to show them how we celebrate Christmas.

It has been a hell of a year, in so many ways... some I can share, others I can’t. Life became complicated this year, our health has suffered as a result. Luckily in a way, because I have developed anemia which led me to being tired, dizzy, out of breath with heart palpitations. I say luckily because this has led me to discover a problem with my heart which I need to sort before we can go anywhere. Both my brothers, my Dad and my Grandmother have had heart problems so I am taking this seriously, yes a bit worried.

Normally very upbeat, enthusiastic and positive I am struggling temporarily.

One thing I have learned is that it is okay to reach out for help, that we don’t have to work through this alone. It seems we still have one more mountain to climb before flying down the other side to our Italian Dream.

With such a lot to complete in the next six months it’s not the best time to go into “overwhelm” or to suddenly realize that we are not invincible. So I hope you will forgive any glitches or forgetfulness on my part temporarily here online. I must put my family and health first right now.

We are endeavoring to create a less complicated version of life.

Yet I only have to say the word “Italy” to start dreaming, it’s going to be incredible. We have so many places and people to visit, friends to meet in person at last.

Oh yes and another house to renovate!

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