Come & stay at Borgata Malpertus

we said, never expecting so many wonderful guests to arrive over the years! Summer is always popular. It feels like one big party with people arriving as guests and departing as dear friends. Of course with all the changes the world has seen these past year and a bit we’ve not had international guests but rather local Italians mainly from the big city of Turin escaping for some pristine Alpine air and relaxation.

With visitors from Australia, England, Germany, and America over the years, it feels like the world has come to stay at Borgata Malpertus.

Our dream to create a new life here in Val Pellice has slowly come together. Restoring our own home, purchasing Casa Bianca and creating the Loft Apartment happened with sweat, tears and yep tantrums along the way. The world really did come to stay at Borgata Malpertus.

We continue to grow as a family, dysfunctional much of the time yet we still managed to make our dream come true. We now have a lifestyle that gives our children a strong sense of community, a new language, freedom to run about and come home at dusk, and importantly meet and get to know people from all over the world. What a gift it’s been for all of us.

Feeling the wrench when our visitors leave for home just continues to prove we are doing the right thing. Such wonderful, kind, thoughtful, loving people have visited us this year, a million memories shared, laughter and good meals, and many discussions about DINOSAURS.

Seeing our life through the eyes of others has been a huge gift. You remind us why we fell in love with Borgata Malpertus and the people of the Valley.

One family that visited loved it so much they bought a house and plan to move here early in the new year. Sam was able to help another family with a tricky house purchase with just a few phone calls, they were mega happy and we hope to one day be able to visit with them at Lake Como.

Thank you to everyone who has visited us, whether you stayed for a night, a week or just for a meal, we love you all.

A special thank you for all the patient chats with Luca, the girlie times with Carina.

For bringing us all a richness that we never imagined possible way back when we welcomed our first visitors to the Loft Apartment.

So now the party is just getting started for the season, we are enjoying the sunshine and the valley is filled with flowers!

Next year will be bigger and better, we have many things planned…..stay tuned or better yet come for a visit and Stay at Borgata Malpertus.

We’d love to see you,  why would you love to stay at Borgata Malpertus with us…..?