Inspiration is a gift beyond measure, it is both to be inspired and inspire others.

It is a gift I wish I could wrap up in ribbon and give to you.

That our journey has inspired so many of you to start dreaming, to think ‘why not’, to take action and start moving toward your goals just lights me up.

I can’t help thinking about where it all began and the gathering momentum that bought us to this point. Passion, connection to a place, and yes inspiration all played a part, but not stopping when everything seemed against us takes something else….guts!

I’m often told that what we did is inspiring, brave, not possible, and even foolhardy not always in that order. The one thing that continued to come up was the effect this would have on our children especially our son Luca.

His autism opens the field for thoughtless comments and small dreams, the box he is meant to fit into.

Do you ever notice that children don’t talk about inspiration? It’s such a part of them, like joy and laughter, innocence and wonder….they don’t need to look for it in others it just shines from them.

I would like to think that we inspire our children, that in their hearts they know they can do anything.

I hope we inspire friends and family to follow a dream…and I’d like you all to know how much you inspire me to keep writing, to continue reaching out, and to share our simple story….your world touches ours and that is what I find inspiring.