I am a Landmark Education graduate. Why is this relevant I hear you all asking. Well the biggest travel mistake I made as a graduate was also the best one of my life.

All my life I’ve had it that I’m a ditz, a scatterbrain, forget my head if it wasn’t screwed on…you know the drill. I would ride to the Milk Bar for my Mum and forget what I’d been sent to buy. Ride home again, Mum would write a list and off I’d head for try two. Get to the shop and I’ve left the note behind, eventually after a few more trips the job would be done.

Once we were taking our son to daycare….I got out of the car and had walked to the door before Sam beeped the horn. I’d left Luca in the car….this is my life.

Seriously my life was a constant game of making mistakes and then beating myself up over them until I took part in the Landmark Forum.

It wasn’t bad enough that other people felt free to comment on my forgetfulness. I also had a dialogue going on in my head something like this, “What an idiot, God I’m just an idiot!” followed closely by “Quick cover up so nobody knows what an idiot I am”.

Years ago I made a doozy of a travel mistake, typical Lisa, what an idiot!

I’m standing at the check in counter at Sydney airport with friends. We’d just finished our fourth weekend of the Introduction Leaders Program with Landmark and we were all floating on air and possibility. At last I felt “grown up” had it all under control, taking massive strides in my life. Then I got to the front of the queue. No flight information in my bag.

When I took on the Introduction Leaders Program I booked all my flights in advance. I remember as I was booking the last flight the phone rang and I thought I’ll book that flight later.

Guess who forgot??

There goes that voice in my head and it’s having a field day!

A new flight was going to cost me $473 and I’d have to change airlines and leave my friends. “Idiot, Idiot, Idiot, and how could I hide it from Sam?”

The older man at the ticket counter couldn’t believe how calm I was, “most people would be yelling at us by now” he said.

Waiting for that flight was the most life altering, peaceful time in my life. The voice was gone, I mean totally gone! It never came back. All the training I had undertaken with three years at Landmark kicked in. I was free, and it felt wonderful.

The person that I know myself to be is Inspiration, Passion and Leadership…

So if you have a dis-empowering voice in your head take heart, you can change the conversation you have with yourself.

What are  your inner ‘conversations’ ?

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