‘For me there is only one path, and that is the path with heart. And there I travel, and there I travel- looking, looking, breathlessly’

don yuan (yaqui indian)

Our family thrives on change, there is no choice in the matter. Since meeting my husband that New Year’s eve in the late 90’s we have moved house ten times. Each time we move we renovate. Yep we live in the chaos….or should I say dance? Even growing up my family moved about. I remember which house we were in and where it was by the wallpaper Mum would choose. Pink checks, big yellow sunflowers, dark brown paisley floral, tiny green leaves on a white background.

Change….it’s nothing new to me.

Always having one foot in the next adventure leaves me a little disconnected. We make friends easily, keep them close, yet I often don’t feel as if I belong. We’re always in transit to somewhere else…no pets, no lovingly tended gardens, no constant friendships for our children. I miss that, of course I do. Yet just typing the words has my heart beating faster, Italy, adventure, the unknown, exploring, the World!

The changes wrought by travel leave tell tale signs, not only on your passport but in your very essence. Patience, compassion, caring, tolerance,the ability to be flexible, to change direction at the drop of a hat. Travel is a gift, the greatest you can receive, worth more than any treasure. It is the gift we give our children, these tiny people who can make friends in two minutes with even the most aloof soul.

Don’t get me wrong, the first six months living in Italy were spent hiding how much I wanted to return home. The women in my family could talk under water, I just figured Italian was something I would pick up. Not so, my husband’s family spoke dialect, a mix of Calabrese and Sicilian….we were living in Piemonte (even my husband who speaks fluently had no clue what the locals were saying).

It took a long time to embrace the life that I had chosen. Now it just flows in me like a river. It’s part of who I am, who my children are, mezza Italiana (especially our daughter who is all passion, drama and eloquent hands). Our little boy with those gorgeous brown eyes , olive skin, and looks that will break a few hearts. And of course Papa who is our driving force and greatest love.

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