I carry our Italian Home around in my heart, I know it by heart, it’s my happy place.

What is it that makes a place home? Why is the tiny dot that pinpoints our location in the world so important?

How does your home create who you are?

If you were Turkish, Malaysian, French, or an Eskimo would you love your home less than anyone else….How is it that we become so passionate about a bit of land and somewhere to sleep.

What binds us together as a species, could it be something as simple as “home”

You know I love the  rustic Italian home here, the history and tradition that is inscribed in the walls. Stories are what fascinates me. Who lived and died, laughed and loved within these walls.

I have no home, yes we live in a house, we have lived in many houses. We can pack up and be on the move at a moments notice.

Over the years (it’s 50+) I’ve lived in over 20 houses with the longest time frame from birth to teen in my first family home in the suburbs of Melbourne.

We average a move a year and now we renovate each one so none of them feel like mine. Each is a neutral base for someone else to fill with memories. So in a way we create homes, set them up and send them off like a new puppy.  A labor of love in each one.

So whilst we have no home, we are happy with the thought that we may have created yours…..

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