What’s Next:

Even as I write this post, there has been a lot of progress on the exterior and the scafolding will soon be going up and we're getting ready for the new roof! We’re hoping this gets going (and quickly) as they say in my fav TV series Winter is Coming! As October approaches fast, we’re hoping all goes to plan. Once we get the roof done then things will start to move pretty quickly!

Kitchens, paint, lights, fixtures, and flooring. It’ll start really feeling like a place that has seen some TLC rather than being abandoned for the past twenty years.

We've been collecting odds and ends of furniture from the Ri-Uso, everytime we see a bargain it ends up at the Barrack and I can't wait to put all the pieces together. There are three apartments and another one we'll use as a store room for now. So I can’t wait to get everything installed (and see all of the fun times we will have here!)

The Roof:

We've figured out what we’ll need and everything is ordered and ready to start. It’s a big project and luckily Sam is right on top of all the many parts that will need to go together to have the Army Barrack fully restored. The locals have been popping in for a visit and we've been hearing lots of history and stories about the place. When I have free time, you’ll find me browsing online for inspiration & the local history, I love this stuff.

Let’s talk Attic Rooms:

Renovating an Army Barrack (that will be used for holiday guests) means making a lot of decisions, and a lot of those decisions are based on ROI (return on income) and I have to remind myself constantly that what we do needs to be functional. This has especially been the case with decorating ideas, especially since a lot of those dreamy photos I've saved on Pinterest are probably not practical. Although looking at these photos of the attic bedrooms (our attic rooms are going to be white, rustic chic shhhh don't tell Sam) make me so happy.

I can not believe that September is already here. It feels like I blinked and suddenly the leaves are changing and we no longer need the fan on at night. It's time to dig out some long sleeved clothes for the evening. I have all our winter things put away in those big vacum bags & empty suitcases from our trips to Australia. Storage is a big problem here at our house in Borgata Malpertus.

With the slight chill in the air, we’re reminded that winter is right around the corner — which also means SNOW. I don't really stress over much but thinking of that roof coming off and being replaced has me a bit worried. Still the good thing about an Army Barrack is that they built them to withstand a lot, it's managed for over twenty years!

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