Well this just seems perfectly timed for today, and a perfect time to update you on our journey from Australia to Italia.

It’s starting to become like a game of “Where’s Wally” only we aren’t wearing stripy shirts. We have been a family in transit now since June when we finished our renovations and put our house in Brighton up for sale. As I’ve said before we thrive on change, there is no choice in the matter

We would soon be on the plane and heading for Italy…. and to our Italian renovation in Veravo Liguria.

With that in mind we had a massive garage sale and sold or gave away most of our belongings (including the Christmas tree, furniture, toys, DVD’s, etc) it was very liberating.

We had started on our plan of  living a simple life.

Our house looks glorious and so elegant, we had hired furniture for two months thinking that would be plenty of time to sell, and started to pack. Bring on the agents and the dreaded “Open for Inspection” days every Saturday. Our house was on stand by for buyers, we had 30 minutes warning before the agent would arrive with prospective buyers.

In the meantime the market dropped and kept dropping, our house that we knew to be worth a certain amount dropped dramatically in price. Nobody saw this coming including us. Long story short, we can’t sell our house. We have gone through every option known to man and then some, and we are still here.

Sooooo currently we have put in an offer on a property here.  If it goes ahead we will do a mega quick cosmetic renovation of 6 -8 weeks, then get it revalued and go from there. We are looking to be back in Italy early next year, and have now been in transit for 16 months since buying this house till today.

There is no question that we will get there, this is just a spanner in the works.

In a way the delay has just made us stronger, I now know we can live with next to nothing and from moment to moment. That our relationship and family can cope with disappointment, change in circumstance, and living in limbo! We are a family now living in transit….

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