Today is not only the first day of Summer in Australia but also the first day of a blogging challenge I’m taking part in.

Every day for one month, we follow a new prompt and bloggers from around the world respond in words, photos and videos, sharing with us the best stories and experiences from their travels.

When I first read those words “every day for a month” I thought nothing of it, easy I can do that no problem. Day one and I was ready to go, for the first time in my brief blogging life I just wrote without thinking. This first post is one that came straight from the heart, I started with it all planned out and it soon took a new life of it’s own.

What I learned that first day in November is that I can write!

That was a bit of a surprise, I knew I liked writing but not that it could touch so many people. This post from day one is my favorite from the month, I gave it over to my brother Bradley and cried the entire time I was typing. No thoughts, the words just flowed.

Another Lesson is that a month is a long time

When you need to write each day. It sounds easy enough, until you miss a day. That’s where the lesson comes in, I found that it is okay to stop when necessary, no regrets just continue as soon as possible. Life sometimes gets in the way of blogging. And that’s okay….

It’s best to partake with friends

I was lucky to be in good company. Some old friends and some new ones, we joined together supporting each other and comments flew. My good friends Lisa, Cathy Powell who writes at An Italophile, Melissa Muldoon who blogs in Italian (so she can learn the language), and Toni DeBella at Orvieto or Bust all joined in.

Glitch’s Happen

When they do they are usually big. My glitch happened throughout the month of November of course. I was happily blogging away, got to day 20 and found that nobody was getting my posts. Somehow the wonderful readers who subscribed to my blog weren’t getting updates and hadn’t for some time. Arrghh when I found out I totally dropped the bundle. No posts while searching for the solution to said glitch, and then it was all over…30 days just like that!

So my advice is keep an eye out for something that will challenge you, and when you see it grab it with both hands. Just be sure to let me know….

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