So it’s ciao to the “Tribunale” and ciao ciao Castelbianco, Liguria. We now officially own a house in Veravo. Those of you who have been following along on our Facebook page at Renovating Italy know it’s been a nerve wracking experience having your husband in Italy to buy your new home while you wait on news in sunny Australia.

I have spent the last two nights totally unable to sleep, dreaming of beautiful Liguria, we will now have Portofino and Cinque Terre on our doorstep.

This will be a new experience of Italy for my family, our last home Borga Nari was a 3km hike straight up the mountain above the village of Gambasca. We could see Mt Viso from the village, (this is the mountain used by Paramount Pictures as a logo).

There will have to be some English speaking  souls in the area, no idea yet about schools for the kids. Also it is a stone’s throw to the home of my all time favorite author Annie Hawes and the wonderful Extra Virgin which kept us going through our first Winter in Gambasca.

Mio Marito (my husband) arrives home from Italia tonight at 3 in the morning and I will be pouncing on him, can’t wait to see the photos of the new house and the area (and other things). So a lot has happened in ten days, soon it will be May and I will be blogging away from Veravo instead of Brighton Qld. As you may be able to tell I have much to learn about WordPress and inserting images.

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