Once when visiting the Cinque Terre with a fairly “busty” friend of ours an old lady wandered over to us and said “si dovrebbe dare un pò del tuo per lei” (forgive me if the translation is a little out), which roughly translates to “You should give some of yours to her”.

The her in question being myself who is not blessed in the bosom department. What made us laugh, and still makes me smile today is the way she walked straight over to us, said this pointing from my friends ample chest to my pitiful one and then wandered away laughing.

I of course had no clue what she had said just got a good idea from the look of delighted outrage on my friends face.

You just have to love the Italians…

The other Cinque Terre moment that stuck in my mind is the tiny balcony filled to the brim with freshly washed soft toys, our daughter spotted Po (the red telly tubby) and Luca saw Pooh Bear and that was the end of our tranquil walk down to the ocean. We had to stop and wave to Pooh and Po and take some photos. Passersby stopped to smile and look up with us, and perhaps remember their own favorite childhood toy.