When I told people we’re going to live in Italy one of the first questions after “Why?” is…

“But what are you going to do with all your stuff”

The very simple answer is give it all away.

Although I’d love to think of all my treasures as irreplaceable in reality I have lived without them for years at a time. Within our renovating life my “stuff” has spent more time in boxes than on display.

So what is a treasure?

How can you disassociate memories from things?

My desk is just a simple wooden piece of furniture.

Rescued from a council sidewalk collection and sanded and polished up.

What gives it a special place is all in the timing.

It was in Aaron’s room, I sat at it to write after he died. I sat many hours staring at nothing and waiting for each Autumn leaf to drift from the tree outside his window.

The desk is just a desk, it’s the meaning I give that creates it as special.

So I slowly separate the meaning from my treasures.

The happy chair, the chest of drawers painted just the right shade of blue, the bassinet he never slept in, the pooh bear quilt my Mum made and my collection of things that speak of Aaron gets smaller, concentrated to just one box.

I think that’s fine, one box for each child.

On rainy days my daughter likes me to get hers down from the wardrobe and we sit together on the bed surrounded by all my treasures of her life to date.

Then we carefully pack them away till next time, whenever that may be.

Always in my heart

He came into our lives on Easter Sunday and left gently on Easter Monday