There’s only one rain cloud in the entire sky and it’s raining on me…


I am and always will be an optimist….but for the past few weeks that rain cloud has been sitting firmly over our house.

I could recount the multiple woes of selling a house in a market that is flat, of watching our dreams fading fast whilst our minds spin round and round looking for a way out.

but I won’t…

When life gives you lemons… make limoncello!

I have no doubt that we will get there by the skin of our teeth! We always seem to come up against seemingly impossible obstacles only to work them out at the last possible moment.

Once I give up the idea of how things are meant to be and just get present to how they actually are right now in this moment options start opening up.

Everything hinges on the house selling within the next few weeks. If not a major Plan B will be in order.

I might just have to rely on my photo of Saint Joseph sent to me by Enrico and Cathy from Solebello.

Hearing of our dilemma they so kindly sent me a photograph of their statue of Saint Joseph. I just love that he has traveled in such an unusual way to make it to our home.

There are various stories telling me that if we want to sell our house we have to bury a statue of Saint Joseph in the garden with a seeming indignity of being buried upside down.

Apparently it only works if you point his feet at the front door of the house you are trying to sell. Oh and you have to pray…. so I think I will stick with my photo and hope that the original statue which is currently in America will somehow send us a buyer so we can follow our dreams and get to Italia.

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Perhaps you will be kind enough to cross your fingers for us…