What’s in a photograph, what makes it special?

I had a favorite Aunt who was an artist, one day she asked me to describe the color of the hills in the distance…. I was only a child and it was the first time I remember looking with such intensity. We talked for such a long time about those colors and the light.

I have always been “creative” and it is a treasure I see in our children each day. My little boy doesn’t ask what color his dinosaur should be, he just colors him in with a rainbow tail and polka dots…

Our little girl Carina would be about four years old in this photo. One day I gave her the spare camera to play with. The result was a completely new perspective on our world. She took hundreds of photos of our life in Italy, things I saw every day but didn’t really see. She had a totally different perspective, a child’s eye and no inhibitions.

On the Spectrum

When our little boy was three he was diagnosed with Autism. Slowly he lost all his speech and his world started to become silent. Giving him a camera was a way into his world.

I would watch as he would photograph his favorite toy, then move closer and closer until he was actually touching it with the lens. Multiple images which showed how he arranged his world. How important the tiniest detail is to him.

The wonderful thing about photography is the connection, and it’s especially refreshing to watch a child photographing someone. They don’t have the same inhibitions, our son Luca will walk straight to most people and the end result is a photo an adult would never have taken.

No one can create exactly the same photograph, each one is  individual, unique…each one creates memories!

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