“‘You’re off to Great Places! Today is your day!”

Dr Seuss

We have just celebrated the most important Summer holiday in Italy with our friends in their mountain home…Ferragosto. This is the house they use through the Summer months to graze the livestock and the cows, goats, chickens and geese are watched over by Anita. She stays here by herself and assures me that she likes the quiet even though the house has no electricity, running water or sewerage. She is one of my favorite people in the valley, with a quick wit and great sense of humor.

We had the best day and Carina and Luca had a ball herding the cows, feeding the miniature pet goats, chopping wood, picking blackberries and raspberries along the road, bike riding and just being kids. A very simple celebration shared with true friends, I hope you’ll enjoy sharing our day.

The men handled the BBQ and we even toasted some marshmallows I bought back with me from Australia. It was no surprise that nobody liked them apart from us Aussies, they are not big on trying new pink singed sweets on a stick here in the valley.

Anita supervised the wood chopping and later in the day caused me major concern when she and I walked up the mountain. Everyone had gone off in the 4WD to see the view from the top of the mountain but I stayed behind as I hurt my back swinging Ester into the air.

I went for a walk and was on my way back down when who should be coming up the road but Anita. We walked on for a bit, stopping every so often for her to have a rest, each time I asked if she wanted to return to the house. Camina she replied ‘walk’ and I followed along trying to understand what she was saying.

We headed towards an old borgata and she seemingly collapsed on the road, she ended up laying down propped up on an elbow and I had no idea what to do. Luckily Paulo arrived on the motorbike and didn’t seem at all concerned so I figured she must be okay.

Claudio arrived shortly after and just bent down and picked his Mum up and set her back on her feet, I pictured broken bones but off she went, hopped in the 4WD and they headed back to the house leaving us all to walk back. I can’t help feeling protective of her as I think of my own Mum but boy is she tough, and laughs with a twinkle in her eye at my concern.

We picked blackberries along the road and ate them later in the afternoon with a sprinkle of sugar, just delicious and the wild raspberries were more intense than anything I’ve ever had before.

The pet goats decided to clean the rock BBQ and jokes flew about lighting the fire, these two characters are Paolo’s pets and I think I must have dozens of photos of them taken by Carina.

The views are spectacular the company generous and the food incredible….a wonderful Ferragosto in the mountains.