For a little while now my inner compass has been spinning wildly this way and that.

It seems as though there are a million things to get done each day and I am experiencing them all as if in some slow motion movie scene. I make almost as many promises to myself, my husband, our children, family, friends, readers, and sometimes even strangers I meet by chance. There goes the compass again, what was I going to do, who did I let down, what on earth am I doing and why?

How do you keep a dream alive for an extended time?

When the excitement of the first thought and shared plans wears off, when it looks like your goal is drifting just out of reach, how do you keep it alive?

Especially when sharing our dreams of Italy in such a public domain, not only here at the blog but in everyday life to family and friends, mums and teachers at the kids school.

Almost everyday I have someone say “Are you still here, when are you going?”

I can’t say, I just know that we are!

Don’t listen to that Inner Voice

It is very easy to fall into your own thoughts. to listen to that little voice that tells you it’s never going to happen and little by little the huge dream gets smaller.

If everything you do is focused on that final goal no matter how small the step taken, it continues to get closer.

Currently we are working on the house to have it ready to put back on the market. We are also renovating a block of units we recently bought which will one day be a very comfortable nest egg. Sam has reduced his hours at work to speed the process up, everything we are doing is to achieve our goal of living in Italy.

There is no diversion, occasional blue moments yes, but always back to the goal.

Do you have a dream you are working towards, why is it important to you?

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