I have fallen in love with our brightly colored neighbor…she took some time to grow on me in this valley of ‘nebia’ houses. She just glows on the hillside now like a brightly lit fire keeping us all warm.

This burnt orange house can be seen from any vantage point and she has never looked more beautiful than surrounded by a white backdrop from our first snowfall.

Although you can’t see them multitudes of tiny white snowflakes were falling, and are so delicate I couldn’t catch them. The first snowfall is silent, gently drifting and they cling to the clothes, and the eyelashes. It’s magical…..warm inside and winter wonderland outside.

It’s been magical here, freezing cold, and just completely fascinating. I awake to gently falling snowflakes, looking from the window the entire Borgata was dusted with a power of white. I sneak out to get a first glimpse of the  snow, the trees look like bright white fireworks that have just exploded softly all across the mountains.

This is the old original road which is still in use for locals, animals, tractors, the postman etc. We are also lucky to have a made road above the house so we have access from two entries, this one and the little door that opens right onto the made road.

They only snowplow the main upper road not this one although Paulo thought he’d give it a try with the snow shovel. Our neighbor Claudio tells us the snow got to two meters in the 80’s…..he has photos he’s going to show me of the Borgata almost buried.

Can you imagine life here in Winter hundreds of years ago…

I love seeing the way the snow ‘hangs’ in midair, caught on anything standing in it’s way…

more of my favorite snow images found at Pinterest ~ Winter Wonderland

Does it snow where you live? Do you remember your first snowfall?

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