I thought I’d share some of our experiences of life at Borga Nari….

Salvatore has decided it would be a good idea to get a goat from our friend Peppe who tells us that the price is very reasonable and we’ll get two litres of milk a day (although he didn’t say who was going to milk the thing!).

When last we visited Peppe we were given a big glass of the stuff still warm from the teat. He says drink up and watched with anticipation till we drank it to the last drop. YUM!!!!!!! Maybe it will taste better cold from the fridge?

He also gave us a cheese made from the milk the day before, so Carina and I are now thinking up names for the goat’s arrival.

My dear husband has also been motivated by the possibility of having to stay another year to put in an Aussie “Orto” to compete with next doors and supply us with huge quantities of pomordoro, melanzata, fagoili, and cucumbers. After digging all day yesterday he has given up today as he can hardly move.

So with all the milk and veggies and meat (try to explain that to Carina) we’ll be right mate!!!

What animal makes Corn Flakes?

Oopps also better get a few chickens and maybe a couple of rabbits as well then we’ll be real Gambascanesi!

If I have to wear an apron I’m off.