Well we have now had our gorgeous home in Brighton on the market for around 3 months and NOTHING!

A few tiny nibbles but no bites! To say we are disappointed would be a huge understatement, so we had our week of moping and feeling down and that’s over. The property market here in Australia is flat as a tack. So we are stuck for a bit, we think we will keep the house for sale for another few months and then take it off the market until early next year.

One of the funny things I can share with you all is we gave away ALL our furniture and most of our belongings. So we had the house “dressed” with hire furniture (and it looked stunning) but we had to give it all back last week.

So are we sitting on the floor?

No, we had to race around to find more furniture including beds, bedlinen, lamps, bedside tables really just everything. All this in a few days to be ready for the next open for inspection. We hit Ebay, Op Shops, friends, and discount furniture shops to redress the house to some of it’s former glory.

It feels ridiculous to be buying furniture again when we plan to be here short term.

Of course everyone is asking us “when are you leaving?” and we are asking ourselves the same question.

The only one who seems happy we are staying short term is my Mum. She keeps saying things like “never mind” and “why don’t you just stay here?” sorry Mum I can’t I have gypsy blood and won’t ever stay in one place for long.

So we continue on our adventure, not quite to plan but isn’t that what life is about…. our house in Italy is waiting for us to arrive, I can’t wait to meet her….

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