Moving toward Italy

If you asked me moment to moment about our dreams and how we’re constantly moving toward Italy I would be up and down like a certain little blue train.

It’s the highest highs and the lowest lows. Life often just insists on getting in the way until we take notice.

This is the stage of a renovation when exhaustion sets in and we are in dire need of a restoration ourselves. Last night I was reading the first chapters in Diana Strinati Baur’s new ebook “Your Truth” and I was to tears with recognition. Such a gifted writer, it felt like she had shone a light into my secret hidden thoughts.

During the past month we have regrouped, set dates and the focus has sharpened to a fine point! So now it’s time for us to catch a break, I know the timing is right!

Moving toward Italy – the house renovation in Brighton

The house in Brighton is going back on the market next week.

So much hinges on this sale.

I just know the next owners will love this house and I can’t wait to hand over the keys and head to the airport.

Now it’s time to tidy up for sale. We have moved the double gates from the rear of the house to the front and have put in a new fence to add some extra street appeal.

Moving toward Italy – The block of units project in Scarborough

The block of units project in Scarborough are moving along slowly but surely. The last tenant is in the process of moving out, two units are almost completed and the lower floor exterior and toilet block is painted.

This weekend the electrician is coming to sort out the wiring and then we hand over to the agent to find us some great new tenants.

Two mortgages are a bit tricky especially with the tenants having to vacate so we can finish the renovations but it will be worth it in the end.

When we set ourselves a task it’s always a challenge.

We don’t know the meaning of half measures.

Of course Sam is also working and getting run down and tired as am I, yet we keep moving forward.

A neighbor a few days ago commented “You two really are hard workers” and yes we are!

Sam especially is the driving force, organizing a million different things at once. I often just stand back in awe. On the other hand I am his balance, staying calm (most of the time) and sorting the day to day details of life.

We are like that little engine that could!

And no I am not the caboose!

Within sight of the top of the steep mountain. The momentum is gathering force! Chugging along without pause until we get to the top and fly down the other side.


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