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It always seems that there is so much happening here in our little part of Italy. Summer is in full swing, we have guests fully booked till September in our Loft Apartment, and the weather is just glorious!

Along the path we are finding wild raspberries and our own raspberry vines were packed with fruit (we ate them all with cream!! YUM!) The orto is full of lettuce and rocket, tomatoes are coming along and we've already been eating our own zucchini. Life is Good.

I have been getting out and about with a friend of mine and so far we have been to Elf Fest, Prali (Incredible and went for both her birthday in the snow and mine a few weeks ago), the flower festival in Cavour, we happened upon a Castle and we were lucky enough to be included when the owner showed a few of his friends around ... right Β place, right time, Madonna Della Neve, and planning lots of other trips... our motto is now 'life is too short'

If you want to check out some more pics and stories I am starting to share them Here & over at Renovating Italy on Facebook and on Instagram

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