The Roof is ON!!

We've been working on the Army Barrack with lots still to do. The roof is almost complete and then we can get in properly and finish the tiling, painting, etc. I'll post through the week with some update photos so stay tuned.

I've been really unwell with pneumonia on my left lung so taking things easy. Getting back into the Club and all the news asap, so stick with me. It's weird when your teenager is so much taller than you!

Watch Out for This!

With so many projects on the go I have various folders on my laptop filled with inspiration pics and mood boards for each place.

This is my mood board for Casa Bianca which will most likely be the last project we finish (other than our own house, renovators never finish!)

Do you do this?? or is it just me?


Ciao a tutti! I invite you to follow along at Tower House Marche as I take on the restoration and renovation of a stone house that sits on the walls of a medieval castle. I have no experience doing this type of work so I will be learning as I go while asking for tips and ideas. I'll be sharing my experience as a Texan living in Italy.

Big thanks to my friend Richard @threeacresofmarche for giving me the idea to start this channel. Also a big thanks to Maddi and Vince @ateliermavi Your courage to tackle such a huge project, on your own, gave me the confidence to do the same. Lastly, thanks to Blaine @PlasteringForBeginners Before starting this channel I watched all your videos! They gave me the skills needed to do a lot of the work myself and save a lot of money. I'll be using your Plaster's Blueprint when I start work on the upper levels of tower house.

Youtube Tower House Marche

instagram Tower House Marche

๐Ÿ’ฌ In this issue: I ๐Ÿงก these....

Have you found the instagram account of Isis & Bertus Stories from the Cascina a Belgian-Dutch couple who are restoring a dilapidated farmstead nestled in the rolling hills of the Langhe in Piemonte, Italy.


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