Pigs Arse… the final journey!

Although not what I had expected I did travel in 2011 and the journey cut deep into my heart.

We have a travel goal, and have had it for some time now…many would call it an obsession.

I have been blogging away for the past year and this goal has never wavered or dulled, it can’t be erased or put to one side. Just out of our reach, if I stand on tippy toes I can just touch the edges and for now that has to be enough.

We bought our property in Brighton as a last renovation before we headed off back to Italy for good. We moved in on a weekend in early July 2010, I remember it clearly. More moving vans, excited kids, boxes everywhere and no idea where the kettle was.

That night the call came, it was late. I answered. There was a hesitation as if caught by suprise and then I heard my step dad’s voice and I knew something was very wrong. Oh please no, not Mum…don’t let it be Mum.

Bradley’s dead!

My dear gruff brother, only a few years older than I am had a massive heart attack while mowing the lawn. He lived at home with my Mum all his life, he had only had his 50th in February.

Gone, just like that!

From that moment on life got shorter. No time to waste, no dream too big.

I have a little of his ashes tucked away. I think secretly he’d like the idea of one final part of the journey still to come.

So I did travel in 2011.

Not to our beloved Italy but to Melbourne to be with family and friends as we scattered his ashes at his favorite spot – just before the braking zone at turn 6, on the outside of the Albert Park grand prix track.

A little part of him is also one day soon heading to Italia to find the best turn at Monza.