Sam decided to have a go at a spot of Fai Da Te (DIY) today which involved removing the rock doorway leading onto the balcony (if there was one).  Although I am in love with the tiny doorway there is little we can do to stop it from crumbling.

So the plan is to replace the original doorway with a glass door to allow us to see through into the valley beyond. The house has the most beautiful views and I can imagine standing on the balcony sipping my tea in the morning and just taking it all in.

As he removed the rocks from the doorway we found that the wall cavity has been filled with chestnut casings and dozens of tiny glass bottles which completely intrigued me. We are guessing that the house was built 200 – 300 years ago, so who knows when these miniature bottles were placed in the walls.

I wished who ever placed them there had written a little note for us to find. Our rustici farmhouse is full of surprises and the spirit of the people who lived and worked here so many years ago.

We finally got the door frame in with the help of expandable foam. You can see the difference in the gap from the bottom of the door to the top. There is not a single straight line in our house.

Coming soon … a balcony!