We were to stop in Bangkok for ten days of rest, recovery and exploration.

Things didn’t work out that way and I felt as if Thailand was trying to tell me something that I just couldn’t quite capture. As she pressed each tense muscle on my body I resisted.

My anger, fear, and pain refused to be released.

We both fell apart and Sam bought all the stresses along with him, they consumed him in Bangkok and he hardly left the room.

The times we ventured out were filled with anxiety, and yet she kept whispering to me giving me tiny glimpses of tranquility.

The most magical moment was within a tranquil green park with this lady as she and her partner danced with grace and gave us a gift of laughter.

They showed the kids how to flick the fan just so creating a startling crack which had Luca in fits of giggles.

Nothing to do and nowhere to be, just that moment with those people and the peace we had been searching for.

We left Bangkok early, a quick decision and booked to leave the next morning first thing. I found that little lesson that she was trying to teach me, give in….let it go…..see your family as they are not as you wish them to be…..go on your way with peace.

Carina and I that night wandered the street near our hotel arm in arm, just some time with my little girl and her big dreams.

The ten days became four, the relaxation became a rush to leave and a long uncertain flight into our new future.

I thank you for the grace and strength you showed me x

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