''All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them''

Changing Your Life

It feels as if we’ve never left Italy and in less than a week we’ve already done a million and one things. I am in a total whirl. Totally changing your life is a big task.

Today we visited Borgata Malpertus. We went up into the mountains to find the land that goes with the house we just bought for a song.

Yes that’s right we bought a house today in Bobbio Pellice!


It’s a long story. In short the house in Veravo is a major project and won’t be livable for some time. In the meantime we need somewhere to live hence the new place.

We are about to fully embrace a rustic life! I can’t wait to see what she teaches us.

Within minutes our children were feeding baby lambs with the local children, and I was busy taking photos.

I can’t wait to see the Borgata in every season.

Today has been an incredible day, crisp sharp cold and filled with the warmth of the local people.

After such a long journey we seem to have found a home that we never imagined yet already love.

Sam and I are already making plans and dreaming of how the Borgata could look if were totally restored.

That’s the joy when following your dreams…you never know where they will lead.

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