I'd love to tell you that I knew all about Bologna and had a carefully planned itinerary before we left home but that's not true.

Actually I'm glad we had no plan, we literally just wandered the city, entering churches, arty cafes, discovering the walkway to San Luca, finding delicious restaurants, and walking walking walking wherever our feet took us.

Exploring Bologna without a plan was perfect....




The Prendiparte Tower

Basilica of San Petronio

San Luca

These are a few links I found for interesting posts and info, you can find so much information about Bologna online ....

Where we Stayed - Pratello Bohemienne - Via del Pratello

Nearby Restaurant we loved - Trattoria Fantoni

Cafe I Loved - Vanilia - Via del Pratello

The Tower - The Prendiparte Tower: Sleeping with History

San Luca - Portico di San Luca

Basilica of San Petronio - The Meridian Line of San Petronio

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