Our journey has taken an unexpected temporary detour, from the Italian Riviera to the wild mountains of Piedmont and the village of Bobbio Pellice, yet I am happy.

We seem to be finding our rhythm, a closeness that was somehow missing before ~ time to tickle and read out loud, time to relearn each other. Precious time, quality time with many tiny moments of pure happiness.

Soon I feel these tiny moments will start to merge and become our lives here in Italia.

The main bedroom is reached by climbing the tiniest staircase ever seen. Steep and worn with one rickety step to avoid, a child’s staircase, not built for me but one I will learn to love.

The bed is high, the ancient springs give a solid feel to this crooked house. At last I have my balcony through a doorway and out onto a view of the entire village of Bobbio Pellice.

I picture clean crisp bedlinen, lazy afternoons and the breeze gently blowing in from the valley.

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