A New Project – The Loft Apartment

We have been keeping busy in the borgata with the lead up to Christmas and work on the guest accommodation in the main house. Sam has been working non stop pulling out the old bread oven, creating a new space for our winter wood supply, extending the porch area, and now onto creating a entire new space.

It’s a little hard to explain but basically we are pulling out the guest bedroom and making the space into a self contained unit adjoining the main house. It will have a kitchenette, living area and bedroom.

Then next year we will continue to work on ‘Casa Bianca’ once the weather warms up enough to host workaway people. I can’t wait to share our life here in the borgata, it really is unique and I know you’ll love it .

The new year will bring many changes for our little family and our life here in the Valley.

Christmas is Around the Corner

Christmas is only two more sleeps away and we still haven’t been near a shop, and I am surprisingly stress free about it. Normally by now I would be fighting disappointment that everything wouldn’t be perfect, I am yet to have that perfect magazine style Christmas that I dream about.

We are missing our family in Australia and that is one of the down sides of an expat life, I’m hoping to skype with my Mum on Christmas day.

What’s happening in the Borgata

We have had glorious weather in borgata malpertus, sunny days and no sign of snow yet. The valley is alive with the locals making the most of this warm start to winter. I’ve been out today moving our mountain of wood into our sheds before the snow comes to the borgata.

It’s funny how natural it all seems now, to light the fire for showers, to make pancakes on the weekend with eggs from our chickens, we have six baby rabbits and the dog has adopted the kitten.

The true gift of Christmas

Carina and Luca finish school for the holidays tomorrow, they get two weeks. Carina came home today super proud that she got a nine out of ten for maths, and she did well with her other subjects as well. Maths has always been her least favorite subject.

I’m seeing so clearly the true gift of Christmas, it’s spending time together with those you love, giving the gift of your full attention, being present not giving presents.

Thank you all for your friendship and love throughout the year, I hope you know just how much I value this.

We’ve been through many ups and downs together.

We wish you a joy filled Christmas, be gentle on yourself, relax and take some moments to really enjoy it all.