I wrote these words before we left for Italy.

‘Have you ever longed for something, I mean really longed for it? Every part of me aches to be wandering cobbled lanes with antique doors and ornate lions head door knockers. To be soaking up the sunshine in a tiny piazza, while Carina and Luca splash each other in the nearby fountain. Wandering hand in hand with my very Italian husband who can relax at last, he has nowhere to get!’

And whilst we still have a way to go creating our Italian life I know we are on the right track.

I see it in our children, our home, our relationship (even when it’s awful and we are arguing) I know it in my heart, this feels right, we are where we should be, we are creating that simple life, growing our own food, raising animals to eat, picking wildflowers, drinking water fresh from the mountain, cutting wood, gathering fresh eggs from our chickens, sipping hot chocolate or cappuccino and eating freshly baked brioche in our favorite cafe, and always looking for ways to take things to the next level.

With that in mind I’ve taken on a new challenge, and only three weeks in B-School is changing my life in ways I never expected. I’m sure you’ll see changes here and I’m sure you know I have you in mind as I make them.

I hope we can show our children that it is possible to live your dream, that they are a gift to the world, and we strive to be the best example of that no matter what the circumstances.

To all my friends and family here and in my life…

I believe in you, all those dreams and plans and hopes you’ve given up on, the ones you’ve told yourself are too hard, or too expensive, or that you’re not worth it. It’s those that I am passionate about. You and your dreams, I believe they should come true.

I want you to know you can do it, it is possible, and you deserve it xx

Our Italian Life:

An update on Luca, he has returned to school and is back to his bouncy chirpy self, Carina has the sniffles but is well and loves the baby rabbits (we have seven), I have very low blood pressure and am on a magnesium drink from the doctor, I went today for blood tests, (hope to be back to my version of normal soon lol ), Sam is good and has been chopping wood, cooking and looking at how we can make this all come together.

I am realizing how much I share on my Facebook page with photos and updates about our daily life, I’m planning to move this over to the blog and love your feedback and thoughts on the changes I’ll be making.