Spring time in Val Pellice is the most glorious time of year apart from summer, autumn, and winter of course.

The mountains are blossoming with crocus, violets, daffodils, blossom, and hundreds of primrose. When I go for my daily walk it's almost impossible not to step on the flowers.

Winter passed with almost no snow so for the first time since we've been here (nine years now) the council has turned off the fountains including the one here in our Borgata to save water.

Its strange because when we first arrived from tropical Queensland we noticed right away the flowing water everywhere, in Queensland we had to be aware of every drop of water, turning the tap off while brushing my teeth, water tanks, and in Melbourne my mum would use the wheelie bins to catch water when it rained.

Water was precious, here it seemed to be in abundance, flowing everywhere even in the fountain inside our own gates.

Speaking of water.... last week I managed to drop my phone into the loo

It's totally caput so a new one has been ordered.

I enjoyed not having it I must say. It forced me to use my time online rather than just browsing facebook and instagram.

Could you give up your phone??

I'm seriously going to limit the time I'm on it ... famous last words right!

I'd like to wish you a wonderful Easter it's always a bitter sweet time of year for me.

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