I have never thought myself to be a driven person, recently I took a Tony Robins questionnaire and the results didn’t surprise me. He has such an insight into what runs us and our inner conversations.

How do I translate this to our life and the future.

I know we only have 116 days on our timeline before boarding the plane to leave Australia. Many would be panicking and making lists as long as their arm. I have resolved to do neither.

What I do know is that it will all get done, it always does.

Our family just keeps paring back the ‘things’ we don’t need and keeps looking inwards for what we do want and then looks to create our life that way.

So we have been talking about creating this ‘Simple Life’ in Italy, what it will mean, how it will look, our hopes and dreams and with each word the vision grows. This is something I look forward to sharing with you all here, I know so many friends who would like to bring a little simplicity into the daily rush of life in the fast lane.

I’ve seen recently first hand the effect of our lifestyle on my health.

I had that big scare recently with my heart and after lots of tests the results look good. I let myself get run down and developed severe Anemia which my Dr tells me will take till the New Year to fully recover from.

I’m so relieved that my heart is healthy and am having the works at the Doctors to make sure I am in tip top shape for the journey ahead.

You may know that I have been dealing with anxiety and depression over a family matter and decided today that I would not let this rule me any longer.

I love my husband and our children and can’t wait to board that plane, everything feels so much lighter with this burden put to the side. Why am I telling you this, it’s because I know that so many of us suffer in silence, this became abundantly clear once I started reaching out to people.

I hope that by sharing both our glorious dreams and our deepest fears you will see a little of yourself and know that things will most likely work out.

I lost a little of that spark here at the blog, I felt totally lost and at sea. So I am creating a special place to go when those feelings overcome me. I come from strong stock, a family of incredible men and women whose blood I share, I gather them close. I will do whatever needs to be done, I am a tiger Mama. Don’t mess with me!

So what I am creating from today forward is a new space, a blank canvas if you will that I fully intend to fill with life, love and the laughter of our children. I look forward to creating the journey with you all.

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