Creating a less complicated life has funnily enough become quite complicated (at least in my head).

Ahhh the Simple Life, I have been steering clear of my blog recently, a little hiatus to gather my thoughts and refocus.

A multitude of voices each with an opinion different to my own, do this, write that, less images, less sharing from the heart, in fact just less of me until I felt like I was disappearing.

So I got online in a big way, searching for the right answer, looking for a guru to follow when all along I only needed to listen to my own heart and continue sharing our life.

Life doesn’t need to be so complicated.

I continue to be inspired by our life in the Valley, it feeds the soul on so many levels.

Each day something brand new unfolds, new friendships develop,  relationships deepen and I am drawn out into the sunshine to enjoy nothing more than tending the chickens, or splashing with the kids in the fountain.

Living the Simple Life

We get messages telling us that we are inspiring (I never really believe it ) that the life we are creating for our family is something you aspire to achieve. I hope that we can inspire you to make your own simple changes in lifestyle.

Opening up our home for visitors this year has us thinking outside the box to create a beautiful environment within our very rustic Borgata. One that still feels authentic and rustic yet at the same time comfy.

The Loft Apartment will be playing home to many visitors this year, and we are constantly looking at new ways to share our Simple Life with you.

It feels a little like I need to catch you all up, like I would if we met for a coffee and a long chat.

If you follow us on Facebook you would know that I went to hospital briefly with a suspected transient stroke, all good now and taking aspirin daily until further notice.

Menopause hit in a big way and I felt as if I was going mad, jittery, anxious, depressed and luckily my new doctor prescribed me something and I like to call them my ‘happy pills’ that keep the hormonal imbalance at bay.

It was a very confusing and stressful time for our little family with Mummy loosing the plot over almost everything.

Certainly not the Simple Life

Lots of tears tantrums and yelling followed by crying fits and deep dark moods.

I only share here in case you or someone you know is going through something similar, it was only when I told Sam I felt like jumping off a bridge that he got me straight to the doctors.

On a much happier note, since getting help I have felt my former self returning. The season has changed from a long cold winter to a glorious spring with the mountains just bursting with flowers.

I took the chickens out for a walk today, first time out in the sunshine since we bought them in for winter, they stretched and scratched about, clucking happily to each other.

Oh and it looks like the cat might be pregnant, shhhhhh don’t tell Sam.

We have had a friend staying with us for a little while before his return to Australia. He loved exploring the village and Borgata and took some trips with friends of ours as well.

My Mum is in hospital

She had a fall  and then couldn’t get up until help arrived a few hours later. She does have an emergency pendant but wasn’t wearing it. Yep she has been known to be a bit stubborn.

I wish I could be with her, I wish she lived nearby and we could see her all the time. She has learned to Skype and now we chat daily.

I can’t imagine my life without her in it.

For now it’s time for me to get out in the sunshine

Play with the kids, they are building tents up in the ‘orto’ and I can hear them laughing.

Later I will feed the chickens, gather the eggs,  light the fire so Sam can start cooking, feed the cats and enjoy the evening catching up with our friends adventures

……maybe the Simple Life isn’t so complicated after all