A new friend recently  called me  ‘Superwoman’ over at the Renovating Italy facebook page.

Yet I don’t feel like this cartoon super-heroine, I feel tired, cranky and ready to burst into tears at the slightest thing. Emotional overload, hormones…who knows, lets just say I’ve been a ‘biatch’ to live with.

Renovating a house in the mountains of Italy is incredible and I totally love this life and my family but sometimes I just want to scream! This last week has been one of those times and when I am like this I stop writing, I start blaming, and wonder how on earth we are going to make this work.

It’s moments like these that my husbands sense of humor and persistence keeps us together. We love it here, I can’t imagine living anywhere else and have shaken off the doldrums and seen the rainbow.

Although at the moment we have no income (Sam is waiting for me to be a best seller) I’m sure we will work something out. So many ideas and it just takes thinking outside of that box, we’d love to start a project here in the Valley to share what we are learning. A way to give a taste of this dream we are living, to share our dream and create something for others.

Our house will be finished before the end of Winter, and we’d love to be able to buy another here in the borgata to create a place for friends, family and those interested in this lifestyle to stay and experience it first hand.

Another big dream but one I know we could achieve, my husband looks ten years younger, the kids are about to start school and learn a new language, they now have rabbits, chickens and a totally new outlook on life, and I am lit up by this valley every time I open the shutters in the morning to gaze over the mountains.

Anything is possible…
Our lounge room floor is completed, the heater made it’s way into the house suspended on a huge tree trunk over the shoulders of Sam and Claudio….it weighs a tonne. The kitchen and lounge walls have been re coated and we now have hand made shelves and a kitchen bench.

Things are starting to take shape, the house is becoming a home and it looks great.

Next week we have old friends from Australia coming to visit, and more this Saturday….I just can’t wait to see them all and share the dream. Tomorrow we are off to pick up some matresses so that we will all have somewhere to sleep.

The bedroom upstairs now has a wall for privacy with the plaster going up today (pics to follow) now I have a wall to put the antique wardrobe against freeing up some space in the room for bedside tables. We have plenty of things to keep us busy through Winter.

The valley is full of sunflowers, berries and people making hay while the sun shines….I now see where this saying comes from. Our chickens are laying eggs, the rabbits are soon to be making more rabbits and our tiny chicks are now running about in the stable.

In such a short time we have achieved so much, discovered ourselves and created even bigger dreams….hmmm maybe I am ‘Superwoman’ after all.