When I first met Sam his prime goal in life was to be a Millionaire by a certain age, he announced this fact to all his friends and family. I like that about him, that he follows what he wants with complete passion. A little further into our relationship and his goals changed direction, now he just wants to be happy. To have a simple life and time with his family, millions wouldn’t go astray mind you  but it’s just not the driving force anymore.

We are living in Italy on far less yet so fulfilled and only see the possibilities of living a simple life style. I love seeing the results in our children, they are outside exploring, want less and find treasures in the close environment. Simple friendships are growing, the kids are speaking Italian, Carina wanders back and forth to her friend over in the next borgata. They have so much more freedom here.

The process we took to get here didn’t happen overnight, with many years in between the declaration of our dream to actually fulfilling it. We took self development programs and continued to educate ourselves starting with Robert Kiyosaki when I was eight months pregnant with our first child Aaron back in 2000. I remember sitting in the packed audience bemused by the young guy sitting next to me in his executive clothes watching my belly as Aaron did very visible somersaults.

When we first started this journey to a simple life I had been out of the workforce for many years. I had no wish to go back to the slog of retail and had been in the same retail job for over 10 years before stopping work completely just before Carina was born.

We both knew we didn’t want to work for a boss and we did what we knew best …..renovating. Over the following eleven years in Australia we renovated more than ten properties both structurally and cosmetically. Always with an eye on our dream of a simple life in Italy.

For me a simple life doesn’t mean I have to go through my wardrobe and cull it to a certain number of pieces, or ‘de-clutter’ my house, it is much deeper than that and I think you can live a simple life with a massive house or a tiny one, it’s about the way you live your life. Having that connection to yourself and those around you, being able to be with your family to guide your children, to spend time with them and help them develop into young adults.

What I always come back to is the way I want to feel, how I want my marriage to develop over the years to come, how I want to relate to my children, how I want them to relate to me as they grow and enter the world as young adults.

I want to feel peaceful, joyful, creative and healthy.

This week in Our Italian Life we have been enjoying the early Spring sunshine and the entire valley is alive with flowers. The blue tractor went on its maiden voyage and so did the camper van. We collected wood in the mountains, planted the ‘orto’, bought cages for the rabbits, and seem to have adopted another cat, oh and Sam thought it a great idea to use the old bidet and toilet for growing herbs, and with lots of images to share both here and over on our Renovating Italy  facebook page. I hope you enjoy them as much as I love sharing with you all.

It’s possible to take a small step towards your dreams each day, just a little step forward……I’d love to hear some of your ideas and thoughts.