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Leonard Bernstein

Leonard Bernstein

So it looks like what we need is a plan.

With only 96 days from today until we set off back to Italy (I decided we should leave on my birthday) my list of things to do is longer than I am. Luckily my husband Sam is totally organised and seems to thrive in the chaos. He shifts between builders, painters, suppliers, sorting my problems with the technical side of blogging, kids, a house in total disarray all the while keeping the “plan” in hand.

I on the other hand am totally in cinq with Leo Babauta from Zen Habits who has given up goals and says this about it;

“The question most people have is: how do you achieve anything without goals? And the short answer is: the same way as you always did — get excited about something and do it!”

So I am excited, very very excited about the move!

It’s not so much the plan (which is well underway) but rather the timing (which is often out of our hands) that is causing all the problems. Any time there is a need to go through Council there is a glitch in the form of a massive hold up.

So this week we finally got the go ahead on our “annexed unit” which I call a “granny flat” this  means that in a few days our yard will resemble a building site. We now have plumbers, electricians, gravel, weatherboards and a man to sand the floorboards turning up this week.

It’s fast track renovating at number 96 in Brighton Queensland at the moment!

Our main priority at day number 96 is to have the house completed and sold. Once the sale of  the house is unconditional we can start to book tickets for the big journey back to Italy .

This is when the fun really starts…