It’s been a while since we had a heart to heart and the timing just feels right for a reset to start blogging again.

There have been some changes and a lot of reflection for me, as I’m sure there has been for you as well, and I’d like nothing more than to have a chat with you about it all.

We arrived in Milan airport almost a year ago now, and it seems like yesterday until I look at these photos. Our Rustic Italian living room has slowly progressed and although not finished is now a space I love. Creating our living room has been my favorite part of the renovations. My desk is here, it’s where I write,  it’s where we sit in the evening, where the kids like to play, the spot for my few treasures.

We have slowly peeled, painted, renewed and replaced hundreds of years of wear and tear. The house now breathes again, still much to complete but she knows she’s in good hands. It’s as if she trusts us to care for her, and future generations will still see that original spirit, and hear her voice.

The first step was removing all the plastic paneling, nailed to the rock underneath it was a nightmare to remove. The section around the door to the upper level had been burnt at some stage and was black and buckled. The walls underneath were black with soot and grime, originally a bright blue they showed promise.

The ceiling was pitch black and the beams had been covered with Masonite and blackened over time. With no light we needed a torch to navigate the room even in the day time. We pulled up the timber floor which had rotted in places and widened the doorway to the kitchen.

Once we got back to the bare bones of the room we pulled all the nails from the wall one at a time, gave it a wash, sandblasted the ceiling, and finally the windows arrived, it all started coming together.

All Worth It

In the middle of everything we had the House Hunters International crew out with us for five days of filming. Through the year I had to return to Australia for a family issue with my dear Mum. Sam ended up in hospital a few times, we had visitors from Australia and New York, met up with fellow bloggers, laughed, argued and cried.

So here we are almost a year into our Italian Dream and it was all worth it, even with the struggles. Nothing ever works out the way you think it will…..who knows what this year will hold.

Christmas time saw us flooded with cards from all over the world. I asked if you’d send us a Christmas card and never expected the results. Our postman was totally confused and I was almost to tears with the wonder of it all and the outpouring of love. Stories were told and dreams shared, I’m planning a little surprise for you all throughout the year.

I also declared that I am going to spend my 50th birthday in Paris and invited you all to Dare to Dream, and to come along if you could.

So when I sit at my desk writing and thinking of our journey it seems we’ve come a long way, yet are only just beginning.

It will be a year since we landed in Milano on the 11th of March 2013…..yes we are still Chasing our Dream xx

Wishing you all love and joy in your own dreams ….